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Eternal Sea Kindergarten is committed to early childhood education in an internationally-minded atmosphere so that children can naturally integrate into the international environment. We aim to help children build an independent personality compatible with international cultures to become pillars of the country, for the benefit of future society.


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Montessori Maths

and Languages

Courses in

Multiple Languages



  • Pre K


    Dual-language exploration

  • K1

    Constructing Meaning: Exploring the world through the alphabet and numbers.



  • K2


    Transfer: Using words and numeric symbols - Noticing and naming our world.

  • K3

    Applying what we’ve learned: Advancing our understanding of the world around us and solving problems



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What Parents Say About Us

“Thank you for your kindness and caring with our son and with all of the children at Eternal Sea!”

Chris’s parent

“We like the school and its culture. After visiting many international kindergartens in Nanjing, we can say that Eternal Sea is the best kindergarten for our son because of the personal attention he gets to help him learn.”

Jin’s parent

“We would like to thank you for all of the energy and effort you put in to serve children’s individual needs. We truly appreciate it!”

Patrick’s parent

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